Sunday, August 28, 2011

She has arrived!

Elisabetta is here! She looks so different than I had imagined and from her photos (which are probably a few years old). I wonder what she thought of us, I believe she only had a few photos. It is kind of funny with the Facebook and other social media as you would think you have access to all kinds of information that you still can have good surprises. She is adorable and didn't seem very tired from her long journey.

We are all very anxious as to what this year will bring as far as other surprises and rewards. The key to all of this is that flexibility thing despite any expectations we may have. Here's a for instance...already discovered she does not like cheese or olives. I thought everyone in Italy would eat cheese and olives....not true! (Alexa is very happy as she does not like cheese or olives either...camaraderie!!)

We aim to keep it very busy this week before school starts, a tip from last year's student who said a lot of AFS students end up with a lot of down time upon arrival before school and meeting new people. So here we go...she's been to the beach twice (where true to our word, Oregon beaches are very cold), we stopped at CostCo on the way home for a culture shock, on our way to a gathering with a former Italian AFS student back for a visit, having a big American burger BBQ tomorrow with lots of people, town walk/tour, high school visit and class selection, off to the mountains for hiking/biking/paddling, back for AFS picnic and then wham, school starts. Sounds like a whirlwind but we can't wait for all the fun and adventure while getting to know each other.

By the way, we did find out yesterday that AFS still had students (300!) without hosts for this year...can you believe it? If you can just go with your heart and open your home, contact AFS now and they will get you started on your own journey right now. The rewards are endless....

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